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Victoria Helps People Rebuild Their Lives

February 20, 2018
These days, Victoria Blatterman does a lot of important work in her position as a law clerk with George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers, a Charleston, South Carolina personal injury law firm considered among the best firms in the region. Victoria grew up and went to school in Charleston and she loves her community. As a law clerk, she assists attorneys at the firm with making sure injured accident victims are compensated for everything they are entitled to in the wake of a terrible accident caused by someone else’s negligence. That means compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and many other things that are often caused in such accidents.

Victoria Blatterman

The goal of Victoria Blatterman and the Sink firm is to help the injured parties recover as much of their lives as possible following an accident. Victoria often plays a critical role in helping injured parties recover compensation from the responsible party or parties for the damages and losses they suffered. She and the attorneys deal with the insurance adjusters and the other side's attorneys, so the victim doesn’t have to. She also arranges for medical help for accident victims, so she helps in that way, also.